Happy Star Wars day cat-loving geeks! May the 4th be with you ✨We have a supurrr-star line up of A grade cators cat-actors auditioning for their biggest role yet - getting adopted! Here we have ⭐Hilde as Luke Skypawker ⭐Adam as Darth Pawder ⭐Polly as Purr-incess Leia ⭐Jingles as Mewbacca ⭐Wanda as C-AT-O ⭐Skittle as R2-D-Mew ⭐Joseph as Fang Solo ⭐Maggie as Obi Wan Catnobi ⭐Tina as Meowhuff Kitkin You can find all these little guys available for adoption here ➡️ rspcasaorgauadopt-a-petcat OR rspcasaorgauadopt-a-petkitten - Simply click advanced search and enter the name to find one of these super star adoption candidates! PS the more you zoom on their faces the funnier it gets 😹 No cats were harmed in the photoshopping of this picture but they may be a tad embarrassed 🙀 Meme

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