happyjared Most of you know this story but for those that don't I gave Jared my six month sobriety chip last year and thanked him for the instrumental role that Supernatural and his character in particular have had in saving my life and helping me get and stay sober He teared up promising to always keep it and remember its significance Grateful that I'd gotten the chance to simply thank him I didn't really think he'd remember me an entire year and hundreds of thousands of fans later This year I planned to give him my one year and one and a half year coins AsI walked up to him in the photo line I started with I don't know if you remember me but my name's Hallie- and he interrupted with Of course I remember you! It's in my bedside table! I was absolutely floored and immediately teared up hence the tears in my eyes in the picture and he just kept hugging me over and over and over telling me how proud of me he is and that he loves me When I gave him the new coins he thanked me repeatedly saying I will keep all of these and treasure them foreverand I want more! l'm so grateful for this man and this show and this community of support I've found within it I have no words to express my gratitude or the emotions I felt in those moments but goshI am so blessed to be Sober for Sam Source happyared #oh no big deal i'm just sobbing #i am just #i adore this man what even Wholesome Supernatural Meme

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