Harriet Mould @HarrietMould Follow This Quora answer is magnificent Quora Sign In Quora uses cookies to improve your experience Read more My son who is ten years old likes to put on my high heels once in a while He claims he's fooling around and swears I shouldn't be worried but I am Should I be concerned? Clara Daia Answered 6d ago Yes you should One of the problems with children wearing their parent's heels is that their feet are too small They slip forward and apply too much pressure in the middle of the sole This not only makes it harder for them to keep balance but may also damage and loosen the heels I suggest you buy him some properly sized shoes with not too high heels and get him to practice with those to gain some confidence and balance I'd give him some instructions on how to walk elegantly with them- which is mostly about keeping your knees straight while transfering weight from one foot to the other Also let him know that wearing heels may hurt his feet and joints so he should not do that too often or for too long 553k Views 5116 Upvotes bellygangstaboo This person is what I want to be as a parent Meme

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