Harry Potter Conversion Currency Rate 1 Galle on $25 USD 1 Sickle $150 USD CK 1 Knut $05 USD C K L CKL x 29 LLE o e x 493 ONE HOT CHOCOLATE 2 SICKLES $300 THREE BUTTERBEERS 6 SICKLES $900 DD·88 KNIGHT BUS 11 SICKLES $1650 ADVANCED POTION MAKING 5 GALLEONS $12500 HARRY POTTER'S TRIWIZARD EARNINGS $25000 WEASLEY'S SAVINGS END OF CHAMBER OF SECRETS $7500 DOBBY'S WEEKLY SALARY $2500 MOST EXPENSIVE OBJECT HARRY'S HEAD IN DEATHLY HALLOWS WANTED O-O $25 MILLION LEAST EXPENSIVE OBJECT BEETLE EYES $25 PER SCOOP refinery29 Need a cheat sheet for wizard finance? We got you Based on the calculations of an inspired fan we put together a list of how many galleons you can expect to shell out to peep the next Chudley Cannons game Meme

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