Has b ever fucked a fat bitch? Anonymous ID UG1TOXvi 021219Tue225132 No202969352 202969433 202969620 202969856 202969993 202969994 202970048 >202970177 202970236 202970249202970319 202970725 >202970750>202970800>202970884 3202971076 Well I just did and I'm regretting it Add fatty off of dating app because I'm desperate enough she starts sending nudes and asking me to fuck her instantly but I kinda put it off for a while >Today I'm home alone playing some vidya when I decide I'll let her come over >Take her downstairs and fuck her Ask if I should get a condom she says she's on birth control and I think nothing of it and keep fucking Literally the worst sloppy wet pussy you can imagine She pisses all over the couch I finish inside then after bullshitting around a bit I finally get her to leave >considering blocking her number and never talking again >mfw she knows where I live >mfw I probably got an STD >mfw I believed she's on birth control and came inside Meme

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