HAT HRUE HOU DONE TODRH? FINST COLON HOU SEE DRH OF BINTH 1-2-3 I run for my life 4-5-6 I blinked 7-8-9 I wandered off 10-11 I ate fish fingers and custard 12-13-14 I took a banana to a party 15-16-17 I read a spoiler 18-19-20 I exterminated something 21-22-23 I got shit-faced drunk 24-25 January with a Dalek February White because bow ties are cool Black with Clara OswaldbecauseI want you to respect with Rory illiamsbecause when you say run I run! with Donna Noblebecause this is wrong my life choices! Grey March April Yeflowは ay with the Doctor 10th June with Rose Tyler July with Amelia Pond August with the Doctor 11th September with Captain Jack October this is so wrong Red because I'm sorry I'm so sorry Blue because l am definitely a madman with a box! Green because we're all stories in the end Brown because spoilers!! Purple l just wanted to mate 26-27 I flew the Tardis 28-29 I stole a fez 30-31 with River Song because it has to be amazing! November with the Doctor 9th Orange because bananas are good! Other because you were fantastic I wibbily-wobbly-timey-wimed December with the Doctor 12th tv thedoctor whovians drwho whovian dw geek drwho doctorwho fandoms fandom Meme

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