hatingongodot Before she learns about his secret identity Lois Lane thinks Clark Kent is a goddamn mess She goes to his place to work on a joint article and it takes her like half an hour to find out that Clark lives in an absolutely nonfunctional house She has to change a lightbulb but there are no stools no sufficiently high chairs no way of reaching the ceiling unless you find a way to climb the walls How the hell do you change your bulbs? she asks Clark mutters something about misplacing the footstool and helps her drag the table from the kitchen to the living room Lois watches Clark make lasagna and has to physically restrain him from pulling the tray out of the oven with his bare hands Are you out of your goddamn MIND? she yells scrambling to pull him away on time What are you DOING? WHERE ARE THE OVEN MITTS? and Clark is just like moment to engage in a riveting game of Mentally Punch Clark Lois runs into the bathroom to put on a disguise and yells out Where do you keep your razor? There's a gust of wind and Clark comes back with slightly windswept hair l got it! he says with unwarranted triumph It's right here The razor I use Lois looks at it and it is CLEARLY recently purchased and never used and she's just like I don't even care anymore For weeks she just assumes Clark is missing some crucial element in his home and starts stacking her own things all over the place Lois thinking Clark has no clue how to take care of himself while Clark is Eternally Tormented and has to find ways to keep his identity a secret while living in close uarters and the slow burn mutual pining roommates AU of my dreams begins This is the sort of situation where Clark speeds out of the apartment looking for a place to make a frantic call back to Kansas and his parents show up the next day with a Normal Apartment Life Kit for Normal Humans 11%- Clark Normal Human Man Kent Meme

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