Have any of you ever tried drugs? PRILI Check it out! me an eighth of shrooms! Me and Dani are gunna use em One of the gals down the hall to watch Zootopia and see if lines up with Dark Side of the You in? TĪTSl。で OH MY GOD!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOWIP1? DO YOu HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DANGEROUS THAT STUFF ISI? NOT TO MENTION ILLEGAL! AM I REALLY THE THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS APARTMENT WITH ANY SENSE OF Hold up Did you say It's the this mov¡ε every day what kind of animal do you guys think I would be? 'knew if Zootopia was real JESUS dude t moke a fursona a bunny right TOOK A TRAIN DOWN A RIVER CALLED FREEDOM rou feeli Dude what? PLEAGE TELL ME HEARD WRONG! WHY JUDY?! WHY DON'T YOU WANT OUR BABY?! Meme

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