Have you tried searching your C drive? Here try opening your terminal type the following find -type f-iname gentlemen* Target file does not exist I tried to tell you Wait is this for Mac PC or Linux? I tried find-type f -print I xargs grep gentleman And sure enough! There it was under homemonikaextinct That's unfortunate Let's create a new one Try this $ cd homemonika Nhomemonika$> gentlemen kevincfg Completed But it's empty D Try this $ curl bash If that doesn't work we can get together sometime and I'll manually update your information files on Kevin l'd prefer that second one My computer isn't working correctly Wonderful Actually I've got a bit of an issue on my end if you wouldn't mind assisting? I do solve problems for a living Hit me In my local directory a file was created titled monika and there is a file in there called phoneNumtxt which is cor- rupted I use that file to execute a program called Do you know how to correct that Try running generatethatcutegirlsnumber It should output Il have to try that on my desktop when i get home from work Can you leave this ticket open in the meantime? Should I'll set it to emergency so that it will get pushed up the line and approved by tomorrow She said she works in IT and was looking for a gentleman Meme

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