hayley @hayleyroettger This kid said I'm not vine cultured and l said BET so today he came to class with a full length AP style Vine exam 2017 Wh e the e Exam AP Vin Mul SECTION I Part B Sty cheat day Time-50 minutes c Saturday d Hump Day Directions Wrise yoor roponses in the Section I Pat B Short-Anwer Resposse booklet You mues write your nesposse to each qoestios oo the lined page designted for thar expected to fit withia its designated page What the b What are you dking c Your mons a boe dYou were a faiidd abortion eponse Each espose is Answer all parts ol every question Une complete sentences an ouine of beleted lston is nox acceprable You may plan your answers in thim boolet bat no credit wllbe gie for in this booklet a I was probally F up bI was not of legal age c It was so hary I could taste colors d I was too busy respecting momen I Answer o 0 and ci a Briefly explain how ONE specific vine the miliennial society daring the year of 2097 31 ฯ washing a my sins b me and my clothes c my whole self d the minority off me The only thing I’d definitely get an A on Meme

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