HE CHARACTERS IN Suicide Squad do stunts that are physically unbelievable But most of their powers are attainable they just happen to be the very best at what they do Part of Harley Quinn's background for example is that she's an expert gymnast Rather than having a stunt double execute a move Robbie trained for months to capture a gym nast's sense of flexibility and awareness And it shows Producer Richard Suckle says I remember the day in which we shot the scene where Harley is in the eleva tor in the Federal Building And I remember looking at the monitor and thinking Where are the wires? The wires have to be somewhere They've done an amazing job And after like the third take I'm like where are the wires? And I had to walk up and look and I realized of course there were no wires She was actually doing that move She was literally walking inside the elevator 360 degrees upside down and she did it over and over and over again Action Unit Director Guy Norris admits that the majority of the cast is naturally athletic After one day of weapons or fight training for example Will Smith pondorasbox lenomcakes Can you believe margot robbie did this stunt on her own without any wires while wearing high heels we had to hear stories about fucked up shit jared leto was doing for a year for his 5 seconds of mediocrity while this woman was out here actually becoming a gymnast????? Meme

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