He is so grateful for getting his favorite snack 047 See fam this is the difference between pretty ladies and doggies - pretty ladies gon dance after they first bite of food Doggies however they gon do a “celebratory anticipatory dance” 😂 I know this dance well bc this the dance men do in they head when spicy chimken wings bout to hit the table or when a girl leading u up the staircase of her building to her apartment past the bicycles and hipster shoe assortment that’s how u hip cute girls be living lol - in lil three story buildings where people keep really cute Sh!t in the hallway like a skateboard or a Swedish baby stroller or some pretty pink Vans sneakers In Miami or Cali u might hecc around and see a surf bordt 🏄‍♀️ a kayak or a canoe lmao It’s geographical 😬 THAT’S THE ENTIRE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PUPPOS AND MEN LMAO EVOLUTION HAS BEEN MODEST AT BEST WE FAR MORE SIMILAR THAN DIFFERENT BLESS UP 😍😂😂 Slide 1 @brutusthabully Slide 2 @goof6912 - @jamsauce Slide 3 @visidora Slide 4 @ebirwin Meme

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