he Story of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin taps his little feet on the floorboards of his cabin on the HMS Beagle The year is 1832 and he is sailing around the world to figure out which animals are better than all the other ones I bet it's going to be elephants the naive and anxious Charles thinks to himself An obvious choice of course but perhaps too obvious There is a knock at the door and before Charles has time to answer the captain of the HMS Beagle peeks his head inside Charlie we're here! At this news Charles Darwin throws down the drawing of an elephant with duck feet he was working on and bolts topside squealing like a little piggy What new animals was he about to see? Crocodiles with wings like a bat? Ostriches as tall as trees? Jaguars that are slightly larger than a regular jaguar? Snakes? Charles's imagination ran wild with possibilities Instead of anything interesting Charles Darwin sadly only discovered seven hundred thousand species of Finches and he had to draw every single one Charles' family and the entire crew of the HMS Beagle felt so sorry for him that they put him in all the science books just to humor him Charles spent the rest of his life back home in England trying to avoid real scientists who would call him finch boy Meme

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