HEALTH @TECH SCIENTISTS HAVE DEVELOPED A CAPSULE PACKED WITH TINY ELECTRONICS THAT YOU SWALLOW TO SPOT HEALTH PROBLEMS FROM THE INSIDE guff follow @tech for more! The latest advance in a growing field of sensors that can be swallowed are capsules that could eventually be used in people to find signs of ulcers inflammatory bowel disease or even colon cancer Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested capsules an inch long they would be made smaller for humans in pigs and correctly detected signs of internal bleeding Though testing on humans is years off shrinking the capsule to a normal pill size could be achieved by combining its three electronic chips But the capsules could be customized to diagnose multiple conditions and help doctors monitor tricky-to-reach parts of the small intestine for people with Crohn's disease Researcher Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia commented The work is yet another step toward showing the great promises of smart ingestible capsules tech technews health healthtech Meme

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