HELI'S KITCHEN MOVME CUB XMAS SPECIAL MUN ou ARE MOST ToUBLESOME FOR A SECURITY GUARD ㄧㄋ EEENH! SORRY HANS WRONG GUESS Wouw You IKE TO ão FOR OUBLE JEOPARTYWHERE THE SCORES CAN REALLY CHANGE? CWHOA THESE THINGS ARE REALLY BAD FOR You THEN WHO ARE You? INDIANA JONES THEME MUSIC PLAYS WHEWE JUST A FLY IN THE OINTMENT HANS ER PSHUU THE MONKEY KLIK TTER WHAT IS IT YOU WANT MARY? WHAT DO YOU WANT? DO YOU WANT THE MOON? JUST SAY THE WORD AND I'LL THROW A LASSO AROUND T AND PULL IT DOWN HEY THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD IDEA I'LL GIVE YOU THE MOON MARY I'LL TAKE IT THEN WHAT GEORGE? SNIFE WELL THEN YOU CAN SWALLOWIT AND IT'LL ALL DISSOLVE SEE AND THE MOONBEAMS WOULD SHOOT OUT OF YOUR FINGERS AND YOUR TOES AND THE ENDS OF YOUR HAIR AM I TALKING TOO MUCH? YES! WHY DON'T YOU KISS HER INSTEAD OF TALKING HER TO DEATH? HKMC is a work of satire by Dave Acosta @davedrawsgood Dee Cunniffe @deezoid & Alex de Campi @alexdecampi All characters c Marvel Comics Next episode Death Wish Or maybe Predator Dunno No for real The Thin Man is clearly the best Xmas movie William Powell is a comedy genius If you like Nick & Nora check out My Man Godfrey another brillant Powell screwball that has the greatest and by greatest we mean most fucked-up- meetcute of all time There's a period in one's young adulthood where it's deeply uncool to like A Wonderful Life Sentimentality! Ugh gross Then you get older and messages of hope seem a lot more necessary than before Also Jimmy Stewart is funny as hell Not just his delivery but his physical business between lines? #Goals Stewart has been in a lot of great films Capra's so current it hurt Mr Smith Frex but if you like nors dig up the under-appreciated Preminger classic Anatomy of a Murder Duke Ellington wrote&performed the score! Anyway Happy Christmas from all of us You are more important than you know and more loved than you believe Things will get better give it time alexdecampi Hells Kitchen Movie Club Xmas Special! Ho ho ho motherfuckers! Love from me @dave-acosta and @deecunniffe Bucky’s shirt a low-key nod to @buckykingofmemes who we adore Previously in Hell cover image 01 02 03 Xmas 04 05 06 That time the Punisher’s creator gave us a thumbs-up twitter insta HOW did I get a shoutout in this A YEAR AGO and never knew about it?? This series is excellent! Look at that drowsy Bucky! Meme

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