HELP! We need GROOMERS INPUT!! We trapped a sad little dog today we have been trying to catch for weeks and weeks The grunt team is formidable at catching our target This dog who is severely matted is in desperate need of a shave down and we need to invest in a new professional pair of grooming shears The kind you get at box stores can’t cut through the matts We had a pro pair donated a couple years ago but on the most recentthis week our matted dog Violet they shot craps Mom will be the one doing these so we need something in house What is the best brand? We need durable We need them many times mostly to strip these extreme cases of neglect down so they can even simply walk This dog is safe but miserable due to the massive thick matts all over his body He has been like this for probably months running feral! Love MacWeTrapLikeChampions Meme

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