Hemmerling for Mitchell 60618 1224pm Drew Magary My best friend and I dressed up as Burt and Ernie for halloween about 8 years ago Went out and got pretty hammered at the bars and then I see down the street Cookie Monster just standing there Well I thought it was a good idea to jump on his back we both fell to the ground and that's when I feel a shot to the side of my face I look up andI see Elmo and he is reigning blows down upon me and he is piiiisssed As he's winding up to take another swing I see Burt fly in and spear him We ended up tussling with them for about 10 seconds landed a few blows to them before they finally realized that the whole thing was supposed to be a joke and they finally stopped struggling A friend took pics of the incident and I'd like to share them with you now 3458 THEATRE krafteasymaci’m fucking wheezing this is so demonic Meme

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