Her bio said I wish more people would ask me to freestyle Verizon LTE Update Got coffee with the 16th century rapper She's great 318 PM YOU MATCHED W61618 Alright let's hear it Give me a short freestyle BUT it's gotta be on the topic of the hardships of becoming a rapper in the 16th century Today 308 PM I'm here to tell u bout my struggle I don't wanna be vague but it ain't easy tryna make it and avoid the bubonic plague I'm just tryna stack this paper like some royalty but I was born in a caste system That treats me like property The other day I met a shawty she swears the earth is flat But she got nice birthing hips and her ass is fat we'll have 9 kids before she's burned at the stake Cause bars this fire takes witchcraft to make <p>And they lived happily ever after<p> Meme

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