HER @GabrielaGuwop My dad went on a date today for the first time in hella long l T-Mobile LTE 433 PM ④ 75%■ IT-Mobile LTE 433 PM @ 75%- Dad > Dad Dad> Today 1231 PM And it matches my baby cuffs Chck me out love! Where are you guys going to Lookin good dad I think I'm just going to go with the grey sweatshirt it's more casual I don't know what do you think Dinner in a movie but up there and Lodi we haven't really decided on what we're going to eat yet Have fun but not too much fun Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Haha I think the button up is better for a date but if it's casual then go with the sweatshirt Christina said she's looking forward to meeting you and you no lI'm not going to have fun I'm going to have a blast Text Message 1 Text Message Y am I crying in the club rn Meme

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