Here is the thing if you leave your laptop in a car in Chicago or LA or something and someone brakes into your car and steals your laptop after many people said hey you should probably take your laptop with you or at least hide it a littler better in your car you are a victim However you could have simply and easily prevented that person from stealing your laptop by taking people's advice or by simply being a little more careful or smarter Now if it was someone else's laptop would you ask them for forgiveness? would you say hey because i left the laptop in the car it got stolen Or would you not ask for forgiveness? Also I am sure or at least l hope so that we could all agree that the person who left their laptop in the car in LA or chicago shouldn't have done that and was not acting smart Here is the thing that we the world thinks we are accountable for things in our life!!! If my car gets its tires slashed do I not do anything to fix it???? NO! Was it my fault? NO! but I am accountable to fix the problem!!! I still take it to the shop and get new tires because I need a car and a car makes my life better Victims can be accountable if things in their life go wrong which they can't control and they do absolutely nothing to fix it This guy equating laptops to rape victims Meme

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