Here we go aigan Discussion Ok when i was 12 twenty years ago i was on my way to school and i saw a really cool bike and i wanted it Soi asked the person who had it and he said these words Are you gay? so i replied truly with yes he prosidid to go inside grab a cross and said you will pay for your sins i took the cross snaped it in have and walked off Then for the rest of the school year i walked past the house with a sign and it said im gay and im proud The man felt it was a threat so he called the cops The police asked me if i did have a sign i said no but before i did i had thrown my sign in the ditch I got off scote free and he was changed over two hundred dollars for disturbing police for no reason when they could be saving people for real To this day i walk by that house past my old school to get to work 1Share Vote Comment “You will pay for your sins” Meme

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