He's small he's scruffy and he loves his little cape Drsmashlove See Bruh what happened to the cape? Like in medieval times u could rock a cape unironically Like bam - here go my cape - this keep my back warm protect me from the brutal English rains and it's also fly AF Fast forward to now and u and u rock a cape well u might look like a Hood Count Chocula Nobody gonna take u serious when u look like a cereal box character u feel me? With that said men I think in 2017 we bring the cape back It's nice for layering It protects u from the elements Stylistically it's versatile Like u missed squat day one too many times and now your ass looking a little plateau-ish - bam - cape Everybody ass look good in a flowy elegant cape Bonus if a pretty lil ting wanna service u at a night club or bar spin the cape around and now she got privacy U feel me? The cape is now a mobile bedroom Someone could walk right up to u and make conversation and have no clue that yo girl is dutifully gobbling the eggplant So with that said let's bring this garment back to its honorable position as a staple of the male wardrobe - it's been too long - and the time has never been better TeamBringTheCapeBack TeamBlowskiUnderTheCape TeamCountCockula LehGo πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

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