HEUP US RAISE MONEY FOR 2 CLASS SETS OF THE HATE U GIVE ANGIE THOMAS THE HATE GIVE $200 of $600 goal 4 Raised by 3 people in 1 day Donate Now THE fShare on Facebook HATE Created January 29 2019 Martha Daniels Education SAVANNAH GA GIVE Recent Donations $20 Amanda Harrell 17 hours ago AH 2 Class sets of The Hate U Give I am a part of a two person teaching team that teaches 9th Grade Literature at Savannah High School We do not have the funds to buy the class sets of books ourselves We need our community's help to afford these books These books will help us create lesson plans that are culturally accessible to our students as well as engaging The novel The Hate U Give is a story that our students are all too familiar with at Savannah High school and we want them to be able to see themselves in the literature we teach Through being able to see themselves in the novel we hope to be able to teach them and inspire them enenkaydoodles enenkaydoodles My friend Martha is a teacher at a low-income school that’s short on funds and resources She’s trying to raise money to buy 2 sets of “The Hate U Give“ for her classroom So far the project has raised $200 and needs $600 total Every little bit counts so please check out her project and consider supporting education! PS If you donate $20 or more send me a screenshot of your donation and I’ll personally doodle you a random thank you drawing! The project is only $168 away from goal! LET’S DO THIS!! Meme

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