hey grandmother got arthritis she coulan't bend over ven when ishands got arthritis too mygrandfather does t hat's oue 'Rebecca-age & When someone loves you the way they say your name is mouth Bly-age 4 ehat your name is safe in their Love is when a gil puts on perfime and a boy puts on lone s when you go aut to eat and give somebody most of hbaig algne and they go out and smell each other Kar - age your French fres without making them give you theirs Chrisy-age tove's what makes you smile when you're tired Terri- age lk mymomnghirntom ove is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she aes a sio betore gving it to thim to make sure the taste is OK Love is uten you kissal the time Then when you get tired of kissing jou stil want to be together and you talk more My Mommy and Dacdy are lke that They look gross when they KISS Emily ae6 Zove is what's in the oom with you at Christmas if you stop apening presents and listenBobby-age 7 Thau want o lem to ove better you should start with a friend whò you hate Nika- age b Love is when you tell a guy you like his shit then he wears it everyday Noelle-age Love s liealteld oman and a litle old man who are stll fheads even afte they know each other so well Tommy-age 6 monmy bves me more than anybodty You dont see anyone else ussing me to sélep at night Clare-age 6 adoy the best pece of chicken Elaine-age 5 Zove s when Mommy gives toe swher leay ses Qeddy smely and sneaty and still says he is nandsomer than Robert RedordChris-age 7 m alone all u l eft him ove s when your puppy locks your face even after you left him alone all day Mary Ann-age know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes andthas to go out and buy new ones Lauren-age 4 Wher you bve somebody youreyelashes go up and down and litle stars come out of you what an image Karen- age Love is when Mommy sees ady on the toilet and she doesn't think its grass Mark-age o You realy shouldnt say love you' unless you mean it But if you mean it you shouid say t a lot People forget Jessica- age 8 When you ask what love means to Little kids httpstco21s4vPCa9h Meme

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