Hey guys I've been seeing these memes where muscular men at laptops explain elementary concepts in some topic or other to a nerdy-looking curious kid They really make me laugh but I can't quite put my finger on why It's not like there's any real jokes in there or anything First of all I think this format makes excellent use of a comedic technique called incongruity whereby viewers' preconceived notions are upended by unexpected juxtapositions In this case many people don't think of musclebound traditionally masculine men as kind intelligent and eager to advise While not a joke in any conventional sense this produces a humorous effect King I want to echo what you're saying and also suggest that there's an even broader employment of incongruity here Viewers expect earnest requests for basic information to be met with vitriol due to a sense that discourse on web forums is generally noxious The conviviality of the buff men's responses runs totally counter to viewer's expectations It's not just muscular men that we presume to be hotheaded and condescending this kind of unacceptable behavior is endemic to the medium as a whole and viewers are tickled to see that dynamic inverted I really think Chief hit on something with that last response and I want to add that part of the appeal of the format lies in its warmth those of us who spend a lot of time online find ourselves bathing in a sea of toxic discourse but for a cohort so frequently described as overwhelmingly self-absorbed I think that the millennials making and consuming these genuinely value humility a lack of ego and self-importance and empathy the ability to understand others The men in these memes display these in spades and through the experience of incogruity viewers are given theopportunity to deepen their own humility and extend their sense of empathy Here you go Meme

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