Hey so I wanna apologize for gning off on you ike that I would you consider mesting out our shuation? don't think I can realy be And why the fuck not pompous inberested you told me should rape me for being such & treatened to break into m partment & trash it I realy think it's best it we dont Youfre head is so far up your ou deserve al the sht that Have tun beng such massive There is a good part to you oull cie early on in ife and al Have a good fucking day you Ive made itvery Icut offthis summer because he went postal on me or not warting ta dte hm now that you've shown your aver go back to being friends outre a massive bitch you You cant just make people fa in love with you and jut reject You have no right to be this l love you in ways tve never fet And you uat thhink t's ak to just ou cant jusr ac lke you cid't You used to love me too I know So dont act like youre all high and mighty and your ahit stink because you love ust don't want to acdmit it because your a fucking ยเว my have you the idea that You know exactly what m You've always loved me ou just dont want to admit The look in your eyes is when I laved you too but I was too recenthy and now you just want bo walk all over my feelings ike being thankful that you saved I dont love you that you saved me that day If you're thankful then date me Thanks for saving me that day but I realy don't think we cdont need you anyways Why woud anyane wart such a fucking siut in the irst place You probably carry aics keep caling til you answer What the fuck is wrong with Stop sejecting my eals Can we at east try to talk this this right? You have your read If you're going to read this at There you fucking go again Reading my Seocts but not Just stop being a bitch & reply Quit being such a cut about cloarly that's eat goena happen any time soon so ri juct be It00 your air my placo agar harassing my neighbors 11 call senar about you tryng to broak into my car againi ca It I see you come into my wark けyou keep tutting me then r1 but what you're doing is not Youtre a fucking bhch Guy Goes Absolutely Insane After Being Rejected By A Girl He Loves Over Text Meme

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