HG 65% 913 2 facebook hrs 1 HPV vaccines in theory is to protect kids from A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE? s your old having sex? 4 year 2 Since the vaccine was introduced there has not been one less case of cervical cancer Instances are rising And btw basic anatomy but your son does not have a cervix 3 IF and when vaccines do work they all have waning immunity Squashing any theory that they need this for their future 4 Unlike most vaccines which are protected under the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Act the HPV vaccine has legal liability Quick research can tell you how many regret having it done for either themselves or their child by the massive lawsuit filed specifically against Gardasil Don't let the billionaires make you believe this is for your children's benefit There is literally 0 reward on this one it's just all for profit ΙΛ1DIA ΩΩΛ II HPV is on the rise so we shouldn't have mandatory vaccines for it Oh if you are a boy you can't get HPV Uh Meme

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