hi-def-doritos A while back I heard my friend male insult another dude by saying You look like the kind of guy who wouldn't go to Wal-Mart to buy his girlfriend a box of tampons and I still think about that crowning insult sometimes manasaysay My dad once called another guy someone who thinks loading the dishwasher once in a while makes him less of a man hi-def-doritos I like your dad already charming-tothelast one time my dad's boss was giving him shit for always leaving work early so he could get home and help my mom with me when i was a newborn and his boss said i've never changed a diaper in my life really proudly and my dad responded i'd be ashamed to ever admit i was that worthless of a husband hi-def-doritos oh WOW hi-def-doritos This is by far my most popular post Some people have never cleaned a toilet in their life and you can hear it when they speak Meme

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