Hi Do you ever happen to do any custom videos for people? Ha not sure it will work out I'd rather see you then have you film others! 1010 AM Tobias! 1201 PM You accepted the request 1212 PM Oh! My mistake I misunderstood what you were asking lol Uh what kind of videos? Yeah 1115 AM I'm a never nude so you might be dissapointed 1212 PM Do you ever do any nude stuff? Even in panties? 1212 PM Panty modeling? 1152 AM I don't wear jean shorts that's just Hollywood bs portrayal But over my panties I wear a series of zip ties construction paper and packaging tape so there's not a whole lot to look at Oh like do I film people? I'm not a professional videographer but I have seen a lot of movies and have filmed my dog before so probably Who did you want me to film for you? Does it pay well? only have a camera phone GIF 1203 PM Tobias! Below the waist I look like a 1212 PM kincos *Kinko's Yeah! I'm good at filming animals though and I've also filmed some of my friends getting married again with my phone 1217 PM 1212 PM Even in panties? 1200 PM True bad for him that I'm a never nude Meme

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