Hi guys i'm using a normal font this time I managed to make myself a full set of diamond armor The enchantments are not that great enchantments though but they got me saved when a bunch of pillagers attacked me Well I attacked them but you know I decided i'd take a walk around my world and hope to find some villages and the pillage was the only thing I found I killed a lot of them but they chased me away I got a weird effect to the top right of my screen and I don't know what to do about it because it's infinite and have no idea what it does I circled around the world back to my place and decided to attack the pillage with some flint and steel and TNT as you can see here I seriously hope to find a village and here's why I want to build a minecart access tunnel straigt from my HQ to them Partially because I see a lot of zombie villagers and want to cure them and deliver them to a nice safe village where they can be happy Yeah that sounded kind of gay HQ Pillage 'Ml keep you guys posted - Birdie Minecraft 4 Meme

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