Hi I'm really sorry but I've met someone this weekend and I want to get to know this person better before going on other dates We're not dating or anything but I'd rather be honest and tell you that I'm into this person than make you lose your time You seem like a really nice person and this has nothing to do with you! But I know that I wouldn't like for someone to lead me on for nothing so that's why I'm sending you this text T hope you have an amazing week and am really sorry if 've hurt your feelings in any way but I do hope that we'll meet up one day! 1346 Omg that's so exciting!! First of all it's super cool of you to have been so transparent and you haven't hurt me at all I'm not invested in anything just wanted to have a wonderful say hi and hang out time and good luck! 1347 Wholesome posts still a thing? Meme

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