hi! my name is xenwilo I am 13 buti am transage so i identify as 22 yes i can legally drink drive and whatever IM VALID i'm also transrace white to african- american calling someone bl*ck is racist i identify as allosexual vaporian historiagender demiboy yes it's real i am fallenangelkin foxkin wolfkin and plantkin i feel very connected to all these my pronouns aresself but in words i can be nebulanebulasnebulaself a latin form of cloud i am self-diagnosed PTSD anxiety depression ADHD MPD and OC i am a furry and a feminist and i support MOGAI PLEASE RESPECT ME I DO NOT TOLERATE HATE do not interact if you are anti-sjw truscum anti-transage transethnictransgender a MAP homophobic biphobic anti-furry furries are a part of MOGAILGBTQ+ MOGAI LGBTQ+phobic or anti-feminist my triggers are video games headphones and guitars these are all from specific events in my life i'm an artist singer dancer and People like this are the reason why when I say I’m non-binary people roll their eyes Meme

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