Hi there and welcome to lmgur Here's a few handy tips to help you navigate our community 1 It's pronounced image-er according to the creators 2 Cake day is not your birthday 3 Bananas are used for scale not for eating 4 If you encounter the Loch Ness monster give it tree-fiddy 5 Posting selfies will get you downvotes except on Christmas 6 Begging for nudes is cringy as fuck don't do that shit 7 Favouriting a post no longer upvotes it be aware of this 8 No one expects the Spanish Inquisition 9 Nokias are indestructable 10 Camouflage and John Cena are invisible 11 Storytime or progress posts are taxed in Cats or dogs 12 OP is a bundle of sticks 13 Yeezy shoes and Supreme hoodies are all fake 14 Reposts are expected but please observe a 7 day quarantine 15 Talking about upvotes gets you downvotes 16 Talking about downvotes gets you downvotes 17 Your watch is not interesting to us 18 Botchat conversations are not interesting to us 19 Unpopular opinions are downvoted regardless of meme 20 If you use the wrong meme you will be crucified Please enjoy your stay use your votes however the fuck you want and enjoy the anonymity of the internet Happy shitposting A few handy tips Meme

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