high renaissance gothic - a little uglie but trying baroque popular pretty kind - a little edgy but still enjoying - a little bit gay themselves their best wants to live in a pile of dirt makes lots of dick jokes - has an aesthetic blog - sensitive enjoys green - probably loves arctic monkeys - organ donor tea wishes to revel in anonimity - often eats plain white - pavs their friend to take - resting bitch face but is very bread posed 'candid' photos of them kind post-impressionism dadaism - thinks the moon landing abstract expressionism - probably likes art more than always dissociating - has never used a ruler in their was fake you do life - mothman is their favourite - listens solely to harsh noise cryptid - likes dried cranberries - the cooler older sister and remixes of radio broadcasts from the 50s genuinely likes bad cafe art always losing chapstick - reblogs bizarre photos with no explanatioin - has A Lot of opinions - calls franz kafka a twink - definitely gay - eats coffee grounds whyskalker tag yrself art history edition Meme

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