Highlight Heaven 4 hours ago HH Just wanted to update you guys on my situation My channel got demonetized 8 days ago which meansl can't make ad revenue from my videos YouTube decided to not approve my channel for the partner program after I was apart of it for over 2 years Even if I were to change my channel content to be more creativetransformative I would still be prohibited from making money I already tried appealing it but YouTube reviewed it and upheld their ruling Money isn't the sole purpose for making videos but it's pretty demotivating to hear that YouTube doesnt support me anymore Ihat's why I havent uploaded in a while Follow me on Twitter for more updates https twittercomhighlghtheaven 231 Highlight Heaven 603K subscribers SUBSCRIBED Comments 231 Add a public comment Highlight Heaven v Marth593 4 hours ago Time to start uploading on pornhub 601 Me irl Meme

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