HIKARI E just imagine after a few month they realesed OVA episode the beginning of episode is same like a normal episode but in the middle of episode its started someone already noticed their was a zombie and their place surrounded by so many peoples Tatsumi tries to talk to them there was no zombie in there but accidentally saw Sakura Tatsumi yelled at her to run away and he got arrested because lie to them Sakura and another girl run to their training room and in the same time this song play and credit show up when they already in training room only three of their who make it Sakura Ai and Junko because another girl got catched by them Sakura talk to Ai and Junko with tears in her eyes We probally not gonna surivive from this but I believe we will always be together the door of the room had been broken by angry peoples and the scene turn black and the song is end after a moment the scene is in the beach episode 6 or 7 there is Ai and Junko sit together and Sakura call them to join her and another girl with a transparent body because their already in different world she said to another girl Let's go All and they probally go to heaven together I fucking killed you 10x in 10 different ways in my mindalready y sonuvabitch ou Meme

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