Hillary Clinton gave speeches about all kinds of stuff but it didn't have much integrity in it brother She's better than Trump but don't lie about the sister She's better than Trump is all I'm saying A LOT better than Trump In so many ways That doesn't take too much That doesn't take too much! Who isn't better than Trump?! anarchoclintonism flynikkufly anarchoclintonism unionrising Hillary is a LOT better than Trump I wish more people had voted for her and that she was our President now Instead of losing ground on every major issue I care about we would be getting great things done When people who are supposed to be on our side - who call themselves progressive - post hateful things about Hillary and sound just like Trump - you have to wonder why Criticism of policy is not inherently hateful her policy was to back coups and foment genocide criticism of clinton needs to be hateful to be effective that’s just ethics pragmatism and realpolitik UMMM Some people commit war crimes to cope? Meme

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