hink whentthey re not in school? Thatisatorment but I'm sure he has his reasons Yea like Pastor Roy said how God is somuch bigger and wiser than us and trying to see what he's thinking would be like anant trying to see what I'm thinking Yesexactly but we can trust in his wisdom and have faith that he is watching over us Like me with the anthill in my backyardlspent days watching the an ts trying to figureout which ones areeoach Ones are badbut they all Just looked likeantssolstarted smiting all of them was smiting them with the garden hose and with lighter fluid and with the lawnmower and to be perfectly honestl think I went a little crazy with the shovel But those ants could havobeen praying to me allday andlwouldn't havoheard them otingthey could doabout it And really it's the same with us there'snothing we can do about anything either so why worry about it? Well that's good but guess all we cando is live our lives with as much kindness and decency as possible and try not to dwell on God standing over us with thatgiant shovel Bye Perspective brought to you by Malcolm on the Middle Meme

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