His name is Wooly and he is a bully and he and I had a serious disagreement Upon arriving at his home he had the unmitigated gall to inform me that the “protection fee” for safe passage to the door while making the delivery would cost me four 4 biscuits I immediately dismissed his ridiculous attempt at extortion and informed him that I would not be intimidated by threats but that in the interest of harmony and good neighborly relations I would be more than happy to offer him one 1 biscuit and one biscuit only Unimpressed by my generosity he repeated his ludicrous demand Unwilling to be pushed around I repeated my counter-offer We were at loggerheads The negotiations continued with neither of us willing to budge or show weakness In this Duel of the Determined and Dauntless Deliveryman Versus the Devious and Demanding Doggo who would be the first to blink? I am proud to say that I held firm to my principles and with my integrity intact and head held high I agreed to compromise and meet him halfway by giving him five 5 biscuits That is the last time he will ever push ME around! By Scott Hodges in Newberg Oregon #Ishowedhimwhosboss #dontmesswiththebulloryouwillgetthehorns #Badtothebone #standuptobullies Meme

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