hiziram hugintheraven MoodVintage Follow Albert Einstein teaching at Lincoln University 1946 Lateef @LateefSaka He gave a speech called racism a diease of white people This is why there are barely any mention of it in his major biographies A true civil rights activist Follow MoodVintage @moodvintage Albert Einstein teaching at Lincoln University 1946 Lateef @LateefSaka Follow It's more powerful considering Lincoln Univeristy was the first in America to grant degrees to blacks Lateef Follow Have a read the man denounced everything stood for A visionary! Why the FBI Kept a 1400-Page File on Einstein The world-famous physicist was outspoken against racism nationalism and nuclear bombs prompting deep suspicion from J Edgar Hoover news com niggazinmoscow I learned in a history class that because Einstein was an immigrant none of the US white colleges or universities would let him join their faculty but black colleges and universities welcomed his brilliance with open arms persian-papii it wasn't because Einstein was an immigrant it was because he was Jewish until the late 1940s most American universities including harvard and other ivy league colleges had quotas limiting the mber of Jewish students and staff Yale's quota only ended in the 1960s Source niggazinm #history #racism #antisemitism 43758 notes Never let racism rewrite history Meme

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