hoeguide Deactivated today is international holocaust remembrance day so feel it's my duty as a jewish person to tell you during world war two america only took around 130000 Jewish refugees only 10% of the national quota due to anti semitism after the holocaust only 2 immigration visas were issued to jewish displaced personsS many jewish survivors were forced to remain living in former concentration camps until up to 1952 due to immigration quotas and seized property in their home 0% of american there were almost 1000 refugee camps set up for the over 1 million holocaust survivors refused entry back to their home countries after the war many german homosexual survivors were sent directly to prison after liberation as homosexuality was still criminalized europe was still extremely anti semetic and mass lynchings happened frequently killing around 1500 and driving out about 100000 less than 5% of americans surveyed agreed with raising immiaration quotas to try to rescue people during the holocaust korrasera l'm not a Jewish person but l'd like to share these facts from a Jewish person to help educate you about some of the things that people don't often get told about the Holocaust 14624 notes Holocaust Remembrance Day Meme

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