HOEVER IT ITIS IT MUST BE! KNOW THAT SMELL IS HAS KNOCKED11110 OUT HIS PIPE FOUL STUFF CAMP FIRE 니 M LYNX-EYE ILL TRACK HIM DOWN ITS SNUFKIN ATLAST HES COME BACK HE MUST HAVE DROPPED THIS FROM THE WREATH AROUND a HIS HAT! I USED TO LIVE ON HIS HAT ONCE 2 ERII SUPPOSE DON'T LOOK S0 MUST DROP THEM DONT YESBUT ONE YOU KNOW?八DOESNT SAY IT LOOK SILLY HIM SO MUCH? OF COURSE! HE WANTS ME TO FIND HERE HE'S TAKEN THE TRACK TO THE TREES SNUFKIN YOU CAN BE JANE STAYLITTLE ME MUCH NICER 6 I FOUND THE WE WOULDNT CAMP-FIRE JUST HAVE MET LIKE THAT I WHAT IFIA HADN'T? OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE MADE MORE CAMP FIRES A ELL 50 7 passionpeachy passionpeachy I don’t think I ever posted the full comic where moomin straight up confesses he likes snufkin but “one doesn’t say it” a problem he’s never had with snorkmaiden or anyone else before I think about this constantly and the thought of snufkin purposely leaving flower trails behind all so moomin can find him is so cute note the decorative borders that seem to emote based on the events unfolding as well it’s one of my favorite things from the moomin comics Meme

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