Hola mis amigas y amigo Espero que todos son bienes y se estan divirtiendo en escuela No peude ser tan terrible como Ecuador con Sisa 2 I just started working with a business team doing online marketing and sales part time and they're looking to expand It's a work from home or wherever you have access to the internet and is only5-10 hours a week and you make your own hours They're looking for hardworking coachable ambitious people Its not super demanding and is something you'd easily be able to do while in school There are a couple of kids from lowa State who are doing it so definitely doable if you're interested Lmk if it's something you'd like to learn more about! I can get you in touch with Sean and Rachael they're helping with the expansion I can also answer some questions But regardless hope everyone is crushing finals and getting ready to enjoy a two week break! Meme

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