Hold on to every genuine person you find This generation has people driven by ego money and status As a result good souls are ruined daily Keep your head up and be conscious of the energy you give out and connect with MIND GAMES MANY MEN PLAY ON WOMEN - Many men will try to use you sweet talk you take advantage of you and think nothing of it when they get what they want from you and leave you hurt lease don't get caught up in the games men play Just like I help you through posts I send out all the time I will help you through this ebook on how NOT to get played and taken advantage of by men Some of the subjects I am about to show you are 1 Things your father never told you but should have 2 The number 1 mistake women make when meeting a man 3 Why a man stops calling you 4 Why you keep getting hurt over and over and over again 5 Why men cheat even though you are doing everything 6 What's wrong with the man that opens the door for you? 7 Why he calls during the week but disappears on the weekend 8 The first thing a man has in his mind when he approaches you 9 What men really think about you when you're not around 10 All the signs that tell you a man is cheating Plus so much more So if you want to read how not to get played and taken advantage of by these type of men please go to wwwWOWFWcom Meme

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