Holiday Editio LU December 2018 in Day CIIIIDREN'S FUND Fips andtrieks to eating well duringthe holidays Inspiring Life Through EXY Thea Muldani Former Trojan's Knox Alvarez Dermott and Moreau open organization for underprivilegec children and teens Fitness Guide Muldani's work out routine to keepyou in shape this scason JOSTEN-MINYARD Til Death Do They Part A look inside the Josten-Minyard Marriage Bloody Damnit bloodydamnit Happy Holiday’s everyone! Here is the full piece I did for the @aftgholidayzine !!!!! I had so much fun painting these babies I hope you all like it and are enjoying your holiday just as much as my baby boys are Get a copy of the zine here!!! All proceeds will be donated to Lost-n-Found Youth an organization helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Atlanta! Meme

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