HOLY MEME BIBLE new testamen ITS HERE n for a surp rise MEME TRIVIA What is Iridocyclitis? A An inflammation the f the middle layer of the eye C The death of Vine e word Meme was coined by the evolutionary kins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene biologist Richare 10Lebron created by Matt Furie was a nnounced ficially dead in 2017 Dat Boi B Pepe C Rage Comics D Har D Lebron JAmes s locked in a basement 3 This popular pop singer has a twin that i #Freepoot ADonald Trump B Demi Lavato C Jason Wong D Selena Gomez t will happen if Young Metro doesn't trust you? will be taken out to a nice dinner 1 Wha C I'm gon' shoot you 12 The Ribofilavin is the powerhouse of the cellTIF 4 What kind of doge is doge? Which legendary and iconic figure was taken away from us too B Pug C A good dog D Chuuauauaua 13 soon in May of 2017 B Harry Styles C The Roomba Robot D Harambe 5 All your base are belong to who? Us B Them C Your sense of entitlement A Pancakes B Jengar C Jenkins D Jenga 14 The Philos oraptor meme was originally a T-Shirt design 7 U want som? A Fuk B Love attention and C Pho 15 Who are the two Jonas Brothers? ANick and Joe BNicolas and Jeff CKatherine the Great and Channing Tatum DDrake and Josh reassurance nald Trump JAKE ACTUALLY GOT ME A MEME BIBLE ally om an AP biology textbook on dissect- ing high-or-loww traveltoofast high-or-loww I kept hinting at my boyfriend that I wanted a meme bible and he surprised me with it today what is this i want 10 of them the book not jake it’s a meme coloring book on this year’s memes and he got it here Meme

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