Home a Nation Native American Shuts Down Anti-llegal Immigrant Protest Yall Are All ega Native American Shuts Down Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest Y'all Are All Illegal!! Feb 5 2013 I By Abena Agyeman-Fisher Share 1089 Recommend 53kTweet 89223 Ema At a Tucson Ariz anti-illegal immigrant rally a group of self-righteous protesters were literally put on mute after a Native American decided to drop some knowledge on who the real illegals are Pushing a toddler in a stroller a rightfully irritated self-identified Native American began yelling at the group saying Y'all f*ckingillegal You're allillegal You're all illegal! We didn't invite none of you here! We're the only native Americans here That's right we're the only native Americans here Y'all are all illegal we didn't nite none of you! We didn't invite none of you here Get on get on get on with your bogus arguments you should probably go to TheMetaPicturecom srsfunnyNative American Shuts Down Protesters Meme

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