Homer 200 HP Jerry Lewis 200 HP STAGE 1 ves rom Dean Marin STAGE 1 ves fom Bart Fat!!! POER HARHARHAR! 50 Homer eats until he is so fat that no damage will be done on the next turn Jerry humiliates the opponent dressing them up as a clown HULLUH GABUM-BI-DUM!! Sonic Burp 50 Jerry acts STO0000000000PID beating up the enemy 80 damage Homer emits a large burp Hom er refuse tojoin a trainer who does not have plenty of pink donuts on hand Jerry appears to have a mental prom lem、imean have you heard the Martin and Lewis songs That Certain Party and weakness resistance etreat cost weakness resistancee etreat cost HOMER! GO! +3010 +30 -10 GO GET EM JERRY! fake card fake card GEEK JON WANTS TO BATTLE! HE BEARS A JERRY LEWIS! The Best Square Root of Garfield Comic By Far Meme

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