honestly tho that scene in the incredibles where mr incredible sees the names of all the old super heroes that used to be his friends that he knew from Back in the Day and how every one of them has been killed by syndrome is such a chilling scene for so many reasons like for one everyone he knew is dead at this point and has been killed on the same island he's at now and two its heartbreaking be that means that almost every hero wanted to try out being a hero again despite the laws against it and wanted to try and help someone out and relive their glory days only to be straight up murdered like fuck that scene is just so fuckin intense allthesebees Klds could you lighten upa litt Let speak I think the core of that scene for me is when you're insane like me and you go through it frame by främe you can work out that Gazerbeam defeated the omnidroid twice the only super we have enough information to confirm did so I always wondered about his body in the cave how and why he got the password But it makes sense This thing goes haywire and goes haywire again? He must have been hella suspicious! So he does what any good superhero would do tries to get to the bottom of what's really happening on Nomanisan Island During the process he's clearly caught and wounded but has just enough time to get himself somewhere he can leave a final message just praying that the next super to come along will find it and break the cycle Gazerbeam is my hero doom-exe Incredibles 2 has a lot to live up to All of this and I'm just realizing that the name is No Man Is An Island???? As in everyone needs someone to depend on and connect with no one is ever completely alone or should act all on their own Also Gazerbeam probably has X-ray vision-so he not only survived long enough to defeat the Omnidroid he had the ability to see Syndrome entering the password animagix101 Holy guacamole! I should pay more attention I don't think got any of that stuff! does anyone think about the fact that now mr incredibles has to live wi the fact that all his friends getting killed by syndrome could have been avoided if he had just been nicer to syndrome from the beginning breefolk-hates-staff I was thinking that from the beginning reading this and was shocked it went through so many comments before anyone pointed that out Syndrome waited until his machine was almost ready to go before asking Bob to come to Nomanisan He also was surprised to find out that he was married to Elastigirl which means he likely built his list and went through everyone else before finally deciding it was time to kill Bob Also Syndrome literally didn't find Bob until the start of the movie He found Frozone and was stalking him If Lucius hadn't hung out with Bob then Frozone was going to be the next one lured There's literally a scene of Mirage realizing that the guy in the car with her target is Mr Incredible He wasn't going through the list he was stalking and finding every former Super he could luring them to the island and then killing them for the sake of improving his robot Finding Bob was just a happy accident and Syndromes obsession with him meant that upon finding a bot that could beat Bob he figured he'd hit perfection and was ready and like let's be real here in the intro Buddy was crossing the line the second he showed up Mr Incredible mentioned he'd been very nice to Buddy via signing a ridiculous amount of autographs and doing pictures and stuff and that he was not going to risk a childs life as a sidekick albeit in less words Buddy literally showed up by breaking into his car and then stalked him all evening until he was arrested That's disturbingly obsessive behavior there's no amount of niceness that would stop Syndrome it was an impossible situation No amount of nice was going to appease Syndrome the second he faced any sort of rejection from Mr Incredible he was going to lose it and go supervillain After his arrest he should have gotten put into therapy but yknow set in like the 50's so it makes sense he fell through the cracks when the cracks were a goddamn canyon Don't victim blame Mr Incredible Source silwerhawk 108322 notes Heroism Meme

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