HONKI PARP!GRROAAARCome andsethe Crocodile of Linc erience their prehistoric ma BRITAIN'S LARGEST COLLECTION OF See them in FLATULENT REPTILES UNDER ONE ROOF! Feed sprouts to ALLIGATORS broccoli to CAYMANS and Fray Bentos pies to OLD FAITHFUL our 16-foot Nile Crocodile who steps on Smell their air biseuits! naturalistic abitats! a duck every 90 seconds without fail! Wow! That crocodile ust dropped a gut! Crocodiles at other zoos just lie there half asleep The Farting Crocodiles of Lincoln are blowing off like there's no tomorrow It's like a brass band tuning up! Mrs B Essex THE FRTING CROCODILES OF LINCOIN Whee you con eut the stnsphre with a on Scamblesby on the ! A153 between Horncastle and Louth OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Closed Sundays Visit our new website wwwthetartingcrocodilesofincolncom Bank Holiday suggestions Meme

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